Greetings Readers,

The Swedish Design Association is an organisation dedicated to Sweden’s designers. An independent practitioner’s organisation founded in 1957 by members, for members. The organisation acts collectively with one voice, to drive and engage opinion around design. Our purpose is to make everyday life easier for the individual designer, and to highlight the power of design as a builder of cultural and economic value.

For over half a century we have been an axis for Swedish designers. However a whole lot has changed since Rune Monö, Carl-Axel Acking and Sigvard Bernadotte chaired the organisation in the 50’s and 60’s. The world has evolved in disruptive ways and design as discipline has developed to reflect advances in new technology and organisational practises. We have gone from confining design to the industrial space to considering it as an all-encompassing process and culture, with an ever-growing amount of job variations. Today, design is present in all companies and organisations and is an unquestioned cornerstone for all start-ups and new initiatives. From its unique vantage point — exploring and analysing emerging behavioural patterns and cultural shifts — design plays a vital part in shaping our surroundings.

We are excited to see the definition of design expand organically and are now embarking on a big change to better represent and support our members. We are moving away from the traditional model of the degree-based, national members-only organisation and re-launching ourselves as an open, international platform for designers affiliated with Sweden from across the world. To reflect this change of perspective we are making major changes, some of the first ones being:

Introducing a free membership

Switching our communication to English

Renaming the organisation from The Swedish Association of Designers to simply Design Sweden

But there is many more to come. During 2016, we will gradually begin to introduce our completely new organisation. In the meantime, we will be here answering questions and making life easier for our members, just like we’ve been doing during the last 60 years.

Petrus Palmér
Chairman of the Board

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